ARC Systems Reaffirms Its Commitment To Aerospace Manufacturers With New AS/ISO Certification

The aerospace industry is thriving in the United States. This sector needs reliable and trusted sources of components used for air and space flight. Electric motors are included among these components. They serve in numerous capacities and require the right combination of materials, design, and engineering to be reliable and efficient. Manufacturers that produce aerospace electric motors must maintain unique capabilities, expertise, and dedication when serving this continuously growing industry.

ARC Systems Inc. has been designing, modifying, and manufacturing electric motors for decades. The aerospace industry has relied on its exceptional engineering and production services throughout its history. As part of their commitment to their clients and their growth in the aerospace market, ARC Systems has obtained their ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certification. This credential confirms the high caliber of ARC’s quality management system and certifies the manufacturer as a leading choice among electric motor providers.

ARC Systems has maintained its AS/ISO accreditation for many years. This latest recertification was completed in February and maintains the company’s longstanding commitment to being a fully qualified vendor of motors and related motion control components.

Current clients can continue to rely on ARC as a go-to source for essential motor engineering and design services, as well as high-value, high-performance motors made at competitive prices. Companies that are seeking qualified electronic motor manufacturers can count ARC as a top choice for custom and specialty devices that are suited to the demands of aerospace applications, including those used in critical and non-critical capacities, and that meet with a broad range of performance requirements.

ARC System’s capabilities are maintained and expanded to continuously provide solutions where and when they are most needed. Its most recent ISO certification is just one part of that.

The company offers a complete selection of motion control equipment, including winding assemblies, rotor castings, induction motors, brushless motors and brushless DC motors that are designed and built with materials uniquely suited to operation on air and spacecraft.

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