DC Brushless Motors Explained in Detail in New Online Resource Guide

Dyifo has built a multimedia resource page about DC brushless motors aimed at engineers and manufacturing sourcing professionals. Video and written content explain the advantages of DC brushless motors and their many applications from handheld power tools to petroleum drilling pumps.

Known for their long lifespans, reliability, low noise, and low heat output, DC brushless motors run on electricity. They can manage high-torque tasks that demand high power inputs.

Their longevity comes from an elegant design with few moving parts. An electronic servo manages the stator’s field. This replaces the old brushed motors that used a carbon brush as the commutator. The brush sent current to the stator to generate rotational force that translates into torque.

The elimination of the brush resulted in DC brushless motors that operated with less friction, which reduces heat and internal wear and tear. The risk of sparking is also almost entirely absent in a brushless motor. Overall, this type of motor is easier to maintain and can perform reliably for a long time.

DC brushless motors may include sensors. Motors incorporate sensors when they must provide a smooth start up and respond precisely to controls. Machines that operate with shorter duty cycles may use motors with positional sensors. Alternatively, sensorless brushless motors are well suited to machines with long-duty cycles or even continuous operation, such as motorized drums for HVAC systems or industrial mixing and processing machines.

Engineers selecting motors for machines will encounter many standard off-the-shelf DC brushless motors on the market. These may work well in many applications, but some situations call for motor customization. The expertise of a dedicated motor manufacturer is usually needed to customize DC brushless motors for specific needs. Engineers in search of specialty manufacturers that can create motors according to dimensional, speed, or voltage requirements can access companies that work in that field at the Dyifo resource guide. These firms have the resources to collaborate with companies that must fulfill unique or very demanding motor requirements.

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